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OrganJet understands how hard it is to "wait" for the phone call. OrganJet believes that every patient deserves options. By listing at multiple transplant centers or distant transplant centers across the United States, patients can reduce their waiting times and potentially access a larger pool of organs that better match their needs.

FACT 5: Early transplantation means superior outcomes.

OrganJet offers two services. A patient can choose one or more, as warranted by their needs. 

Patient Advisory Services (PAS)

Based on patient's home location, OrganJet can provide some possible transplant center options for multiple listing. Click here to find a kidney or liver transplant center near you with a low wait time.

Note that patients should contact the centers directly to get listed.

Patient Transportation Services (PTS)

We can provide transportation options from your home to the transplant center once an organ becomes available. Click here to determine flying time (and driving time) to your transplant center from your home ZIP code.

The cost of transportation depends on many factors including distance, "from" and "to" locations, and type of aircraft, and can vary with time depending on season, and other economic conditions. 

OrganJet understands the importance of affordability. That is why we have the GuardianWings program, in which OrganJet provides this service (when possible) at a reduced fee or as a free "angel flight" to move underserved patients when and where these organs become available.